Training program for the buttocks gym women girls

Training program for the buttocks gym women girls

Buttocks are one of the muscle groups that men look at as something special since the figure of a girl is a magnet for a man if the girl has a beautiful face, breasts, legs, buttocks, men to such girls are always indifferent, and they always want to get acquainted with such girls and to flirt.

Training program for the buttocks gym women girlsTraining program for the buttocks gym women girls

Beautiful hardened buttocks – it’s fashionable almost every fitness star has a beautiful rounded buttock shape. Instagram stars filled with videos as they pump their buttocks with different exercises both on the simulators and with dumbbells, many fitness stars shake the buttocks without extra weight doing exercises with their own weight.

To create beautiful buttocks you always need your own individual training program because each person has a different type of addition, so it is important to take into account the type of figure in the compilation of the program and also do not forget that any training program works better if you still keep to a diet not necessarily a diet is a nutrition plan where you will need to starve many nutritionists make a plan for proper nutrition, taking into account your physiological characteristics of the body so that you feel comfortable and smoothly go to the goal at the same time but lost weight and trained without harm to health!

How to pump up the buttocks in the gym girls and women

The gym is the best place for pumping the buttocks as a variety of simulators, free weights will allow you to train the buttocks with various exercises and there is always a coach or assistant at hand, in the hall that will always support you and help you, for example, during squats with the bar, insurance does not hurt , performing exercises with heavy weights always need insurance.

Let’s look at the exercises, on the buttocks, which can be performed in the gym

• Squats with a barb

One of the basic exercises on the buttocks as they study not only the buttocks, but also the quadriceps and the hamstrings so that squats with the bar are done at the beginning of the workout, and then isolated exercises.

• Dumbbells with dumbbells

Falls with dumbbells is also a basic exercise there are a very large number of different variations of attacks can be performed on the spot, you can perform in jumps, you can do with the barbell, you can make a cross on the cross, you can do half-amplitude attacks every one makes attacks in his own way.

• Retracting the leg in the crossover

One of the isolated exercises on the buttocks is the main thing in this exercise is to keep the balance of the body and keep your leg clear and return smoothly to the starting position without swinging the body. There is also a simulator for tapping the leg to the buttock, but it has the disadvantage of a small amplitude of motion.

• Foot Press

One of the basic exercises on the buttocks to a lesser degree stresses the back muscles in contrast to other basic exercises since the back is completely lying and does not come off the back of the simulator if you have problems with the back, it is better to include as much as possible a press in your program feet.

• Bench with one foot

One of the basic exercises on the legs, as well as the press with two legs is safe for the back, what is the difference between pressing one foot and two legs? When you perform a press with two feet, you do not always feel how naked you squeeze the platform more or less, so pressing one foot allows you to make the load uniform on both legs, and also to feel which leg is weaker and which is stronger.

• Deadlift with the bar

One of the basic exercises on the buttocks with the bar where the maximum stretches the back part of the thigh and buttocks as much as possible unlike other basic exercises, the muscles of the back and hands work as the bar should be held by the hands and tilted back to stretch the back of the thigh! It is important if you have a good stretch and you lack the amplitude of motion, then many make deadlift from a hill, for example, from a steppe.

• Impacts on the spot in the simulator Smith

One of the basic exercises on the muscles of the buttocks is also safer for the muscles of the back, since the simulator Smith has arranged that the bar is fixed and does not go backwards, that is, you do not have to keep balance with the bar so as not to fall.

Training program for the buttocks gym women girls

• Deadlift in the simulator Smith

One of the basic exercises on the buttocks, as with the bar the maximum stretched back of the thigh and buttocks, the difference between these two exercises is that in the Smith simulator you do not need to worry about the balance of the body with the free weight of the barbell is such that the torso or barbells in the parties in Smite you will not wind! And also it should be taken into account that if you have a good stretch, then as well as with a bar you can put a hill.

• Jumping in the lungs

One of the basic exercises on the buttocks can be performed both with your own weight and with additional weight in your hands, the main task in the exercise is to keep the balance of the body and not to go left to the right, and also not to tilt your back forward, everything should be exactly then jump out as much as possible upwards and accurately rearrange your legs.


• Legs sitting in the simulator

One of the easiest safe isolated exercises on the buttocks, since in the sitting position, the back muscles are not involved, but only the legs on the simulator are to raise legs to the side and return to the starting position. The minus of the simulator is that the amplitude of movement is limited by one more minus that the buttocks during exercise are not greatly stretched, for example, in squats with a bar, respectively, you get more static load on the buttocks.

• Sit-ups in the Smith simulator

One of the basic exercises on the legs, like sit-ups with the barbell on the shoulders plus the Smith simulator in squats is that you do not need to keep the balance of the body, but just need to put the legs wider than the shoulders pushing them forward and you can start the exercise !! Plus, the simulator is that if you have a bad back, the Simit simulator removes some of the load from the back due to a fixed neck in the frame and the tilts back forward of the torso here will not create unnecessary strain on the back.

• Gaq sit-ups

One of the basic exercises on the buttocks and also safe for the back since the starting position in the simulator means that you press your back to the simulator fixed rollers on your shoulders placed your legs wider than your shoulders and you can start squatting! The deeper you squat, the better the buttocks will be stretched and pumped.

• Stepping on a bench with dumbbells or a bar

One of the basic exercises on the buttocks can be done both with dumbbells and the bar is worth considering, by doing this exercise your shoes should be with a hard sole there were cases when a person performed an exercise with a soft sole and at the time of execution his exercises with dumbbells led to the side since the stop is not stable at the time of climbing, so in weightlifting there are rods of special shoes with a hard sole to perform any exercises with full stability

• Bulgarian lunges

One of the basic exercises on the buttocks, but there is one, but in this exercise you also need to have a hard shoe sole so that you do not swing from side to side the balance is very important in this exercise! The disadvantage of the exercise is that you need to concentrate on the balance of the body so as not to fall down so that Bulgarian attacks can always be replaced by attacks with a barbell with free weight, as well as attacks in the Smith or bench press with one foot in the simulator are quite suitable for replacing this exercise.

Training program for the buttocks gym for girls and women exercises Training program for the muscles of the legs for muscle mass at 2 lessons per week

1 week


• Squats with a barbell on the shoulders of 3p 10p

• Drops in jumps 3p 30p

• Dead rod with a barbell 3p 10p


• Foot press in the simulator 3p 10p

• Dumbbells with dumbbells 3p 12p

• Deadlift in the Smith 3p 10p 2 week


• Drops in the smith simulator 3p 10p

• Leg press 3p 10p

• Leg bending 3p 10p


• Squats with a barbell 3p 10p

• Buckle 3p 10p

• Deadlift in Smith 3p 10p 3 week


• Gak squats 3p 10p

• Press one foot 3p 10p

• Breeding legs sitting in the simulator 3p 10p

Thursday • Squats with a barbell 3p 10p

• Leg press mi 3p 10r

• Leg folding 3p 10p 4 week


• Pressing the legs in the 3p 10p simulator

• Retracting the leg in the crossover 3p 12p

• Deadlift rod with the barbell 3p 10p


• Dumping with dumbbells 3p 10p

• Drops in the jumps 3p 30p

• Leg bending 3p 10p

During each workout, do not forget to rest between 2 to 4 minutes for breathing, and drink water! During heavy approaches where you do exercises with the bar, always ask that you hedge or correct the technique of execution, as from the side sometimes it is clear whether you do it right or not!